Young Rabbits
Age Group: as early as 6 weeks up to 3 months

Dam: "Tigger" (Harlequin) | Sire: "Pinball" (Harlequin)

Group Profile: Believe it or not, these adorable bunnies are even cuter in person! All of the kits from this litter have been some of the sweetest bunnies we've ever raised. They excitedly approach the edge of the cage as you walk up and will actively seek out attention from their humans. They've been eating solid pellets and hay blocks without any issues and drink water out of a bottle.

Breeder's Note: The kits in this litter are not pedigreed and are for sale as pets only. They have all been successfully weaned from their mother and are ready to find their forever homes!


Young Buck, Harlequin
2 Months and 3 Weeks Old
Purebred Mini LopNo Pedigree

Dam: "Kisses" (Chocolate) | Sire: "Captain Bucky" (Black Otter)

Group Profile: Every kit in this litter has been handled and socialized daily since birth and has a generally playful and attentive nature. All of them are very comfortable around their humans and eagerly seek out attention from them. Compared to the growth of Kisses' previous litters, these guys are trending on the smaller side. Overall, they're super loving, laid back, and have such joyful spirits. I have no doubt that each and every one of them will be a 5-star addition to their new home! Hurry and reserve your favorite before they're gone!

Breeder's Note: This fully-pedigreed litter is now completely weaned from their mother and ready for new homes!


Young Doe, Black Otter
2 Months Old
Purebred Netherland DwarfFull Pedigree


Young Buck, Black Otter
2 Months Old
Purebred Netherland DwarfFull Pedigree


Young Buck, Black Marten (Silver)
2 Months Old
Purebred Netherland DwarfFull Pedigree


Young Buck, Black Otter
2 Months Old
Purebred Netherland DwarfFull Pedigree


Young Buck, Black Otter
2 Months Old
Purebred Netherland DwarfFull Pedigree


Young Doe, Black
2 Months Old
Purebred Netherland DwarfFull Pedigree

Junior Rabbits
Age Group: from 3 months up to 8 months

* * * We do not have any Junior Rabbits available at this time. * * *

Please check back periodically as our inventory is frequently updated.

Adult Rabbits
Age Group: 8 months or older


Profile: Henrietta has a friendly, adventurous personality and she loves climbing - anywhere she can reach is fair game! She doesn’t like to be picked up off the ground, but you won’t catch her complaining if you want to give her endless head scratches! She’s a very sweet girl, but unfortunately she has had persistent breeding issues so for that reason we are looking to rehome her as a pet.

Breeder’s Note: She has successfully conceived multiple litters, but she either delivers them far too early (often as early as 2 weeks into gestation) or they don’t survive past 48 hours. Additionally, she doesn’t demonstrate having very strong maternal instincts. For these reasons I am looking to rehome her exclusively as a pet and recommend that she is taken to the vet to be fixed upon adoption.

Adult Doe, Steel Grey
~ 1 Year Old (Birthdate Unknown)
Purebred Flemish Giant


Profile: Mamba is a very well-behaved, show-quality rabbit with a beautiful, jet-black coat. She is highly attentive, has a very playful spirit and adores attention from her humans. During her time with us I’ve seen numerous displays of intelligence from her that make her such a joy to have around. She truly is one of the sweetest does in our herd and I’m so upset to have to let her go, but I know she’ll be an amazing addition to her next family.

Breeder’s Note: We purchased Mamba from another breeder who had told us that she was proven, however, we’ve experienced nothing but persistent breeding issues thus far. Unfortunately, since she has yet to provide us with a litter in the many months that we’ve had her, I will be rehoming her as a pet or for show only.

Adult Doe, Black
2 Years and 8 Months Old
Purebred Netherland Dwarf
Full Pedigree